Desperate looking for help :( - My laptop keeps using Intel graphic card

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Aug 7, 2015
Hello everybody,

I'm desperate looking for help with the following problem:

Today I received my Lenovo Y50-70, and the first thing I did was installing GTA IV so I can play it with mods.
I opened the game, and went to the graphic section, and it says that it doesnt have enough video memory.
I've a GeForce GTX 960M in the laptop, and I looked online for some answers.
I found out that the game is running on the Intel 4600 graphic card so I tried some things that helped other people out:

1: Run with high performance
When I try to run the game with high performance, I get a error:
you don't have the privilege to select the graphics processor in this menu

2: Disable Intel inside the Bios menu
I went into the Bios setup and that isn't even possible, I can disable my GeForce but not the Intel video card.

3: Disable Intel inside device manager
When I did this it even gets more worse, the game couldn't run because it needed directplay.

4: Update the video card drivers from Nvidia
Yeah, I can repeat it again, it isn't working.

5: Connect my laptop with the HDMI cable to my TV
I read something about this on a forum but still nothing.

I'm really desperate, and I can not tell possibly how grateful I am to the one who solves this.




I just read somewhere to add -launch in the shortcut, and uncheck run as administrator.
I did that and pressed run with high performance graphic processor, and the game started, however the game still says that there is not enough video memory
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