News Developer reportedly claims we don’t need a PS5 Pro — here’s why they’re wrong

Mar 27, 2024
Why are the devs wrong? They are absolutely right, they are still in a good position to speak! The examples with dragon's gogma 2 and others, the problems do not come from the hardware but from the optimization of the developers. Consoles are not like PCs, games are developed expressly for a machine, often the devs block certain features, block the fps for a particular machine. Changing machines and upgrading to a PS5 pro wouldn't change anything.

Moreover, according to digital foundry, the differences in power are so minimal that in any case, it would make no difference even if the game were developed expressly for a PS5 pro, which no developer is going to bother to do.

It's incredible the number of consoles at PS5: pos5 standard, ps5 slim, ps5 pro, and during this time very few games, no first party games until March 2025. Why release so many consoles without games? look at psvr2, another hardware without games which is abandoned.

Even third party games are not up to compensate, look at Rise of the Ronin, a game highlighted, sponsored almost everywhere, with advertising on all media, 76 metacritic only, which is very low, especially since sites tend to overrate since it only comes out on playstation.

this is the worst generation for playstation
Apr 7, 2024
I’m one of the 80% that never bothered to upgrade to the PS4 Pro and looking back I didn’t miss a thing. I don’t plan on upgrading to a PS5 Pro either if it’s a thing. The question I have is what will the impact be on development costs and the visual quality of the games going forward? I absolutely believe that the Series S was and remains a mistake, holding back reaching for the stars because developers have to target the lowest common denominator. Now they have to optimize around four machines? Even if a Pro is released considerable parity must be maintained so will all the hardware improvements even matter?