My gaming PC will probably smoke the PS5 Pro — here’s why I really want one anyway

Feb 12, 2024
Why would it not, it's the current gens best GPU and also the costliest. It costs 5x as much as a PS5 digital edition, GPU alone. By the time it comes out it will still likely cost about 2.5x-3x as much and that's just comparing it to the 4090 without CPU and other components. Factor in the rest and the next gen console will always be the better value for gamers to spend their money on. Gamers can have both platforms as well and it can cost less than your 2k+ rig.


Nov 30, 2017
It's only meant to be a 1.5 upgrade. I still use PC too for these reasons and the difference becomes unfair in games like Halo Infinite cross-mutliplayer, when some of the console players are either at 60FPS or close to 120FPS (120FPS focused on Xbox) and I'm rolling them over in multiplayer at 240FPS locked lol ...and that's just on an RTX 4080 at 1440p with the resolution scale set to something like 1300p.