Question Did i kill my Asus tuf a15

Jul 14, 2020
My asus tuf a15(ryzen 7 4800h rtx 2060 8gb ram single 500gb m.2) laptop shut off on me half way through a youtube video. Laptop was on for about 10 minutes after doing a repaste with thermal grizzly kryonout and i was checking the temps a couple minutes before it died. Cpu was idling at 36c and gpu was about 32c. Ambient temp was about arround 85f. Used to idle in the 40-50s before. The asus logo popped up twice and now all i get is the power and rgb keyboard lights on. Did i fry it. Its only a month old. Only reason i did a repaste was because my cpu was hitting 95c when gaming with good ventalation. Now i cant get anything to show up on screen. Any ideas. It was a open box from bestbuy so my 15 days to return it expired. And i voided the warranty by replacing the thermal compound. I got it on june 22. Am i screwed?


It's most likely a motherboard issue, those TUF models tend to have heat issues, which then leads to failed components. If your warranty is really voided then it's up to you to try to find a replacement motherboard. Should not have touched it even when overheating without contacting support if you knew doing the work yourself would void the warranty, need to contact ASUS support first, unless of course you are OK with the risks. Working on your own hardware is fine, but if a system is still under warranty then support should be contacted first before you start opening up the system.

I have an ASUS TUF model and my motherboard died within 7 months, not a fan of them, fans are always loud due to the heat issues. A lot of other posts about heat issues with them and motherboard issues. Unless they re-design them I can't recommend those models.