Difference between these two laptops and recommendation for college?


Nov 20, 2014

So I was looking at a laptop to buy for college and I wanted to see what the difference between these two is, other than the screen size and the GPU. The Sager one appears cheaper and better so I am slightly confused. Also please make recommendations for possible laptops under 1400 dollars. I prefer 17 inch screens personally but will take a 15 inch one if its better. I also would like good cooling performance preferably. I do like to have two drive bays if possible so I can add in an SSD.
Thank you!

hello there i had a look at both of those laptops, and the biggest difference i saw was that...


Feb 13, 2012

hello there i had a look at both of those laptops, and the biggest difference i saw was that the asus one comes standard with 16gb of

memory and 2 hard drive bays and it has the 965m 2gb video card, now the sager only comes with 8gb of memory but i has the

970m 3gb video card those are really the biggest differences hope this helps, now when i made my choice for the laptop i have i went

to the asus forums to see what people were saying about their laptops and they were having problems all over so i decided not to get

one plus i did not like how that specific asus laptop has only 1 cooling fan and when it came to sager i have not previously heard of

them so i knew nothing of them and was kinda skeptical spending that kinda money of something i know nothing about.

Now if i
make a suggestion i have the MSI-GE62-apache 15.6inch gaming laptop its great it has a steel series keyboard, led backlit custom

colored keys has a 1tb hdd with the option to add up to 3 M.2 SSD drives for your os and such it also has 2 cooling fans one for the

gpu and `1 for the cpu which most laptops dont have it has 2 exaust vents as well. they make a 17inch version of the same laptop i have with the same features and such.


hope this helps good luck on your choice would love to hear what you get