Disable virtual remote permanently


Dec 8, 2005

I just got a Digihome 50278FHD TV from yourselves 2 days ago. The only connection between my DVD player and TV is a HDMI cable and nothing else. Whenever I start my DVD player the TV remote becomes a DVD controller and I don't want this.

If I press MENU on the TV remote it only brings up the DVD menu and not the TV Menu.
If I press QUICK MENU on the TV I go down to CEC Passthrough and disable it then my TV remote starts working normally again. The issue I am having is the TV doesn't store this choice. I have to do this every time.

Now in the main MENU(As opposed to QUICK MENU-CEC Passthrough) in the TV settings there is an option to disable CEC and I assume this is the way to change it permanently. However as soon as I disable CEC it also changes the SPEAKERS from Amplifier to TV. And when that happens it disables my DVD players surround 5.1 system and changes the sound to TV only.

I just want TV shows to come through the TV and DVD films to come through my surround system. I also want my TV remote to not automatically try and function as a DVD controller. I can do this temporarily through QUICK MENU although I don't see why I need to do this every time and the way to permanently turn CEC off in main settings turns off my DVD players 5.1 system.

Can you offer any advice or help?