Question Disabling lock screen on Huawei p8 lite

Apr 29, 2019
I put the lock with pin password, and when I turned that option off the phone kept showing me a screen when I put it off standby, saying "tap to unlock". How do I turn this screen off too? It didn't appear before
While you can remove a password/pin screen, you cannot move a tap to unlock screen, which is usually just a screen that shows when you first try to access your phone again, after the screen has gone dark. That screen is there. Nothing to do about it. It doesn't require anything be entered, just tap or swipe to access the phone.

That phone will often not be there when a pin/password screen is used, as you already have that screen in place, so when you press the button after the screen goes dark, you get your pin/password screen. If you remove the pin/password, then you get the normal tap to access screen.