Dish Network Coax to HDMI cables


May 31, 2017
I have dish network which is coax from the external dish to the receiver to my smart TV. TV is new and has HDMI capabilities.

Four Questions:
Will the TV image be improved by upgrading from coax cable to HDMI ?
Is such an upgrade possible with the Dish splitter being coax both for imput and output.
Is there a converter of some kind that I could connect between the coax and TV to accomplish this?
My desire is to take advantage of the higher resolution and image that my TV offers.


If the config you are describing is
dish antenna -> coax -> dish box -> coax -> TV then you would have to change your dish box to an HD disk box to use HDMI. Your existing dish box may have yellow/red/white RCA outputs which you might be able to use.
The coax cable you're talking about is from the dish itself (on your roof) to the Dish Receiver. You can't replace it with anything else but a coax cable.
If your Dish Receiver does not have HDMI output (and therefore is not HD), call Dish to upgrade it. Your bill will go up, if you go this route.