Do I need a Android TV Box with my LG Smart TV?

May 1, 2018
I have a LG smart TV Mod. 55 EG 920 T. I would like to watch free TV, movies etc. Q: do I need an Android TV Box or can I set-up the Smart TV without a Android TV-Box? If I can set-up the Smart TV with out a Android TV Box then how do I have to set it up? In addition I have a 1 TB external HDD Iomega and would like to hear music and see movies which I have loaded on the HDD direct via the smart TV but I can't. I am glad if someone can give me advice what I have to do or buy to use it via smart TV. Thank you in advance.
Your "smart" TV will only allow you to use the built in apps which won't take you to any illegal sources of movies or TV.
If you connect an Android TV box to your TV and install KODI that will allow access to legal and illegal sources of movies and TV over the internet. Many Android boxes come preconfigured with KODI addons to do this. These are not legal to sell in some countries. You can install KODI yourself legally and install the addons you want.
Dec 2, 2018
i owned lc42lb5820 smart tv its ram is 4gb so only limited apps provided by lg can be used netflix of higher reversion not supported .i am using android tv boxm8s pro lollipop 2gb 32 sd card and accessing netflix prime video and many more
so to buy android tv box is useful
arvind patil
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