Do I need a soundcard for my new sp2500s?

Nov 26, 2012
I just ordered the Corsair sp2500s online, but I read a lot of reviews saying that unless you use FLAC files and a good sound card, it won't sound as good as it can. Is this true? And if so, what card should I buy? I need it to not be too expensive (I'm no audiophillac, but I do like good quality sound) and it needs to be external, and plug into my laptop with usb or something. By the way, my pc is the HP Pavilion dv6, which is supposed to be a media laptop. I think my ipod touch has slightly better sound.




There is little advantage, if the motherboard already has advanced audio outputs...
If the board lacks advanced audio output jacks...then I could see, maybe using a sound card.

There is little truth to claims that a sound card gives you any better signal to noise...or FPS...that's just HYPE.
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