Do Mabezat virus is connected with K9 web filter from BlueCoat?


May 2, 2009
I have just download a K9 web filter program from Blue Coat.I t is very goood in porn filtering sites but the problem is when a computer has a k9 installed on it in my computer shop, Mabezat virus is 100% get into your system.As you always go to your K9 setup, Nod32 antivirus is flashing on the tray bar and is blocking and cleaning all my executables in my computer specially when you have a USB attached.

When I installed K9, that is also the first time I encounter the Mabezat virus.Not only me but also my friend who is also a Technician.

Because I have a deepfreeze installed, Im not so worried but im worried that this would spread when using USB.