Does a laptop's mini display port connect directly to the discrete gpu?


Aug 24, 2015
My Laptop: Asus GL551JW-DS71 (i7-4720HQ + 960m w/Optimus Technologies,1080p Display)

While attempting to use Dynamic Super Resolution on my laptop (simply because I wanted to see how it looked), I noticed I couldn't use it, due to the fact that the display was controlled by my onboard Intel HD Graphics 4400.

I tried connecting a second monitor to my laptop via HDMI (1.4 I believe), but it was immediately apparent that it too, was controlled via the Intel Graphics.

So that brought me to this question: Would using the MIni Display Port on my laptop connect directly to my 960m, and if so, would it allow me to tweak display settings in the nVidia Control Panel, such as DSR or other things?

That's my question, note that I'm only asking this for educational purposes, and I realize a 960m wouldn't be able to handle 1440p, 4k, etc. very well. Thank you.


Aug 24, 2015

Thanks for the quick response!

Are you sure? A lot of Optimus designs have displays routed directly to the iGPU. I'm asking sincerely as I cannot recall whether this model is designed similarly or not.
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