Does anybody use their Oculus or Vive outdoors?



Take video!

I wouldn't do it, mainly because I don't want to get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.



It certainly won't be any time soon. I will however bookmark this page and let you know when I do.

41k-xpvh2iL.jpg will take care of that. Then there's about a dozen additional items I will use to make it secure and get the wires up off the ground so I can play unimpeded. Active USB and HDMI cable extensions? Check.



:eek2: Good point. That is obviously the understatement of the decade, but still.

I would probably have been looking at some thing like


May 31, 2016
Sooo... here is what I see...

1) Why do it outside?
If you have 4x4m playspace inside, inside will be better conditions.

Only reason to do it outside is if you placed the PC in the center of the area and attempted to expand the placespace to max walk distance.
I think HTC people have gotten 14mx14m max before the tracking issues become too much. (would have to find the article.)

2) Heat
Additional heart means more sweat.
I am personally tired of sweaty friends moistening my vive hmd.

3) Dirt.
Dragging the equipment through the grass and dirt won't be great and will damage the cables more.

That said.. have fun! :)



Apart from burning ants er the Vive I have thought about most everything.

The canopy will be wired and having a two tower fans in there will keep the sweat to a minimum. There is also cloth covers for those icky foam pads.

I don't even have a 2 meter x 2 meter interior space open for the Vive. Place the PC in the center? And walk into during gameplay? No. I will be using avtice USB and HDMI extension cables. Put my rig in the line of fire? You not right.

The Vive will be unable to touch the ground unaided. Ain't no way one of my friends gets scared or whatever, drops that thing and it breaks. I don't have $800 to spend on the Vive alone. Nor do I have $2000 to spend for this entire upgrade. My investment will be protected. I've revised my design idk how many times. It's now to the point that I think I have everything covered apart from the freaking sun and it's habit of shining so brightly.

I will :D.