Does anyone actually know WHY android OS doesn't allow apps to move to SD anymore?

Mar 12, 2018
Let's see who actually reads this before posting their "answer"

I have 2 new phones of different brands. In prior phones I have been able to use app2sd or equivalent programs to move CERTAIN apps, not all but compatible apps to my SD card and I did not have to do any formatting to use this. I did not format my card for use as internal which defeats half the point of using an external card. It just worked and I could use the same card in another phone if I got a new one without issues.

My phones are not encrypted so WHY is the reason android is no longer allowing this for select programs. They seem to be trying to control people like Apple now.
You would have to ask the manufacturers that have chosen to do this.

It isn't Android itself. The OS, after "Marshmallow" will allow for formatting the SD card as "Internal" storage. Which then allows almost any app to run from the card. But some manufacturers it seems don't want people doing that.

Yes, I know you are referring to moving only some (that don't require this encoding).

BTW you shouldn't actually need an app to move 'certain' apps to the SD card. There are ones that don't require they be on the phone itself, and those you can move without any extra app or anything. I have quite a few on my phone. However, that is up to the app's maker to make the app not need to run on the device. I have found some that didn't before now require it be on the device. I am leaning towards the reason being they want access to things they don't need access to, but that is just what i am seeing.

I know of no way around this, other than rooting a device.
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