Does noton ghost 10 work with windows vista



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Dec 6, 2009

Although it will not work within Windows Vista, you should be able to create and restore images if you boot with a Ghost Recovery disk. Ghost 10 has some issues with systems that have Nvidia chipsets. Sometimes, it will create proper images and other times it will fail.

I found that using the last DOS version (Ghost 2003 -- also included in versions after 2003) worked well with XP, Vista 32 & 64, plus Win 7 32 & 64. The only issue was that the progress counter was incorrect when using with 64 bit OS's. However, the images worked flawlessly.

I finally had to replace Ghost 2003 last year when I switched to a P55 chipset and set up the drives with AHCI. If you are using the IDE inteface instead of AHCI, it should work fine as long as you are content to run it from a bootable disk. I prefer to use the product this way because I can manage the process and avoid the bloat and overhead associated with installing the software.