Solved! DriverEasy seems fine to me

Feb 1, 2019
I noticed the post asking "Is Driver Easy safe" where a few folks stated it wasn't necessary or useful. I have to disagree. I recently built a PC (AMD Ryzen 5) and I've found DriverEasy to be extremely helpful in tracking down the latest drivers. Also, I haven't paid them a penny. No doubt I could find the drivers myself but one in particular (RealTek) is elusive for the last drivers. Overally, DriverEasy makes the task much more straightforward. Downloads are slow for the free version but I don't have to crawl all over. I have no affiliation with EaseWare. I've just found it useful and surprised to see statements like "worse than useless" and false assertions about having to pay.
never did use drive easy but did have to help some on the forum who use it with issue the one i use for old driver is a french site the scan computer but link you directly to the maker of the software for downloading the driver .
When someone joins Tom's and recommends a product in their first post, it begins to look like Commercial Spam which ordinarily would get the account banned.

In this case, a fairly new, Chinese based outfit that forces a Cookie on you when you just go to look around, is suspect but I'll leave this thread on the Forum for a while to see who else loves that site as much as you do.
I have never had any issues finding drivers for any of my systems without any help from often dubious third-party software thank you --- damn it all it's not rocket science to learn how to navigate a manufacturer's website. No wonder some folk haven't a clue -- they never make the effort -- leave it all to a driver updater that could be planting anything on your PC without you knowing.

Personally, I prefer to know exactly where my driver downloads are coming from.

This concludes my short rant.


Dec 24, 2011
i usualy stick with oem provided drivers, as those "general" drivers usualy have glitches or have missing oem customised stuffs (integrated network/soundcard/whaever)
teh only exception would be gpu driver as oems doesnt do any changes in there (dedicated card only)
I have problem "X".

I google for problem "X".

Far too many websites out there that show up with a downloadable solution for problem "X".

Those same websites show up no matter what "X" might actually be. With lots of other clickbait links....

Avoid such sites.


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Seems fine != any actual testing. Should you have done real actual testing you'd see the hidden adware and other garbage that WILL magically show up on your system from junk software like that. Enjoy the viruses.
Feb 1, 2019

Feb 1, 2019

Very interesting. I want to state we used DriverEasy on my Mother-in-laws new PC and we also installed Webroot advanced endpoint protection which is complaining about DriverEasy being a trojan. So, I cannot state hand to heart that its clean.

I would love to hear if anyone has thoughts about the Trojan warning from Webroot. A lot of the endpoint products share data through services like VirusTotal and so I put stock in their warnings, especially for things that are more than 24 hours in the wild.

Your point about the forced cookie bothers me and makes me wonder if there is more to this. I'm using it for now but I may to dig deeper there.

When tese driver suppliers are hunting around your system, and you are happy to let them take any personal data away witth them, then it's fine by me.

That said, someone has to point those facts out to future readers of this thread.

I've seen a few thousand crippled systems over seventeen years of fixing PCs for my living, caused by letting unsafe and untrustworthy sites into the front door.

That's the reality check of the day.