Durable Noise-Isolating In-Ear Buds.


Aug 14, 2006
I've been looking around for new In-Ear buds and I've found a few pairs I like.

The problem is, most of the past headsets I've had tend to break somewhere along the cord. I don't do anything that rugged with them (Tuck the player in my pocket, the cord under my shirt to keep it from catching and go about my day).

Are there any recommendation for quality cords in-ear buds that don't skimp too much on quality (not an audiophile but would like to hear the full and subtle range of some of my music). I'd like to keep it around $30 to $60 at most (too many broken cords to warrant a really expensive pair). What about nylon braided cords? Seen that on one or two items.

Ones I'm looking at now:
Sennheiser CX380 Sport Series II Noise Isolating Earphones

Thanks for the input.
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