Dec 30, 2009
I have new Mac Imac and it wont recognise my Panasonic Nv GS500 digital video camera via the firewire port. Neither Apple or Panasonic seems to be able to help. How do I get my video onto computer
This involves multiple disciples and is beyond the capability of the average technicians.
You need external Capture Hardware (such as Hauppauge HVR-1950) - install the hardware - connect the camcorder to the capture device - connect the capture device to the computer. Then set the camcorder as the Input device. Here is my setup:

Sony digital camcorder ----> Capture Device ----> Computer

After the video is 'captured' on to the computer, you may use Windows Movie Maker (free download from Microsoft - don't know about Apple) or editing software from ULead Systems, and do the editing.

After editing, you have the choice of converting the video files to any one of 3 different types of MPEG files depending on the quality desired, saving the files, and then burning them to DVDs. I use the standard play MPEG and 2 hours of video requires about 4 GB of disk space. Even with an i-7 CPU, it is a slow process.

This capture card will also enable you to watch TV on your computer. Please make sure that the device is compatible with your Apple (drivers).

I realized that it took me quite a lot of reading and understanding before I got everything the way I wanted it to be. My tech level is medium.
Good luck!