Each time I power on my laptop, it says "Operation System Not Found"

Feb 22, 2015

My laptop is Dell Vostro 5560. Yesterday I was installing Windows 8.1. Installation was almost complete until I heard a sound and my laptop was turned off.

Then I powered it back and tried to install Windows 8.1 again. But when it asked me, "Where to install", I saw there was no hard drive partitions. It was blank. It says, Windows can't load any drives.

Well, afterwards I searched this problem on the web and I came across a solution which said to install GParted Partition Editor. I booted GParted Partition Editor and I deleted my hard drive. Then I saw my hdd memory was unallocated. Then I tried to boot Windows 8.1 and finally it booted.

Now comes my main problem!! Then I shut down my laptop. When I turned it on, it said the same problem that operation system not found. I tried to boot Windows 8.1 but there was no hdd partition to install. Then I used the same precedure using GParted Partition Editor. It worked perfectly last time. But this time despite of cleaning my hdd using GParted Partition Editor, Windows was unable to detect any hdd while installing Windows 8.1.

I opened Command Prompt and run code "diskpart", then "list disk". But there was also no hdd, only my pen drive where I'm booting from.

Then I tried to install other OS, for example, Ubuntu. I successfully installed Ubuntu and it also detected my hdd successfully. But when I turn off my pc and power it back again, it says the same error "Operation System Not Found!".

Before commenting on my problem, let me clarify you guys some things. Many people will say that my hdd might be damaged. Well, for their knowledge, let me say. In my BIOS, I can see Hard drive option in Legacy Boot menu. And I also can partition my hdd using GParted Partition Editor and in Ubuntu. So I guess my hdd is not damaged.

Finally here is the list of my problems:
1. While installing any Windows OS, it can not detect any hard drive while installation process.
2. Ubuntu can install perfectly. But each time I power my laptop on, it says Operation System Not Found though I just installed Ubuntu before shutting down my laptop.

I hope I made my problems clear. Please help me out guys. I never ever saw this type of problem and honestly, it is freaking me out. If you need any more information, I'm here to provide.

Thank you guys in advance. Help please!!!

yasmin walji

Feb 23, 2015
I am using ASUS laptop.Last two month I tried to open my l.t. the holl screen color blue and there is written lion on top of the left hand side Missing operating system. Please help me how I operate this. I am a heart problem pationt. And I am lucking always my health articles.

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