Question earphones not working when putting them in my ears (read discription)

Dec 29, 2019
alright so my earphones were working fine then all of a sudden the right side stopped, so i tried taking out and putting it back into my ear and it started working again, but something weird is happening, when I don't plug my right earphone in, it works fine but when i put them in my ears they stop, but when i slap on my earphones they start working again, this only happens when i put them in my ears, sometimes it starts working when i blow into it, then when i wear it, it again stops working and i have to slap it to get it working, this is really frustrating, i just got this like few weeks ago its not even been a month and im having this problem, also when I move my head it stops working, though the cables are all fine, and my left side is working fine, also i tried switching the ear buds (the round soft thing), but the problem was same, When i take it out of my ear and blow air in it i can hear it working, even when i bend the wires and stuffs it still works, but when i just plug it in my ear it stops working, i tried using left one on right and right one on left, and the problem was same but this time on my left ear, so its not my ears, its about the earphones, can someone tell me whats the problem in it

EDIT: I feel like something might be wrong with the wires
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I agree that it's the wires. It's common for a cable to become intermittent at the point where the cable enters the earphone or at the plug. These points are where the wire can be under stress and can become cracked or brittle. Recycled copper may be more prone to this kind of problem.
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