EASEUS TODO Backup Clone and Small Partition sizes


May 8, 2014
I've just used TODO Backup to Clone a HDD to an smaller SSD.

The source HDD contained 4 partitions on it of various sizes. The TODO Backup chose completely arbitrary partition sizes for the destination SSD that in no way resembled the partition sizes of the source HDD. Eg. System Recovery partition HDD = 199MB on the SSD it provided a 100GB partition!!!

The edit option gives you the opportunity to resize the destination partitions but it uses drag sliders that are very inaccurate making it very difficult to make partitions smaller than 500MB and there does not appear to be a option to enter in the size in manually.

Any ideas on how to size very small partitions with this product?

How can I make very small partitions (199MB or even smaller)


Jul 30, 2014
Hey there, WallyZ!

I'd recommend you to consider a clean install of Windows onto the SSD, if you have the Windows installation media. This will surely avoid such annoying issues and the transferring of the redundant system files from the previous installation. If you decide to do this, keep in mind that you'd need to have the HDD unplugged from the motherboard during the install, otherwise you'd encounter the so-called OS confusion.

If you insist on the cloning, I'd follow @TbsToy advice and try using a different cloning tool. Here are some third-party suggestions from the community, you might find useful: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-1848564/hdd-cloning-software.html

Good luck! :)