Apr 26, 2011
So I want to build or purchase 2 budget friendly small form factor machines. The primary use will be web browsing, using online IDEs like blocky, and to run Eclipse IDE with plugins. Ideally I would like it to last at least 3 years, ideally 5.

I want the system to be responsive when compiling and running code. So, I'm thinking I'll install Lubuntu with an i3 haswell with 4gb of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage.

Would an AMD APU, like the A10-7800, be a better option?
Should I have an i5 at minimum?
Do I need more than 8GB of RAM?
Would it be beneficial to use a different operating system?
Should I wait for Intel's Broadwell?
Should I downgrade to a Celeron or Pentium?