Review EcoFlow Wave 2 smart heat pump review: A device for all seasons

Feb 24, 2024
I think this review is misleading and surprisingly biased for this site.

I bought the product based on this review and it does not reflect the functionality of the product accurately.

I am returning the product because it does not function as described in the text of photos included in this advertisement.

Buyer be aware:
this product cannot heat or cool a room as displayed in the photos in this review. It MUST have 1 or 2 vents (some parts purchased separately) running into a well sealed window vent to heat or cool any room of any size. That includes closets under 3x3.

I do not believe this review to be a fair representation of the product.

I have been following Tom's, and have reviewed it as a professional tech for more than 15 years, I am shocked at the gap between the actual and this advertisement.

What happens to Tom's?