Enlightened plug and wireless rear speaker help needed please (probably yes or no answer)

Michael Zweck

Dec 27, 2014
Hi all,

Sorry if this is stupid question, I'm a graphic designer by trade so I have no idea if this is idiotic but here is my question if anyone knows what their doing can help:

My wife bought me a cheap Philips receiver / 5.1 surround sound thing, I know its not ideal but the speakers do sound great even though they are just using DTS and optical in/out. I ordered a wireless receiver from Germany to connect with the rear speakers and that works fine as its capable of the Australian 240v mains standard. The hardware works great, no problems there but the unit itself requires bear wires and the receiver has a proprietary plug (not RCA from my understanding).

I have this old speaker with two bear wires (it has no connector or plug).

This works fine, it makes a sound when the receiver looks for the rear speaker and this is what it looks like:

This is the plug my Philips speakers and receiver uses (it does say negative and positive on the actual plug):

Here's the question, if I just cut that plug off, shear the outer casing off the wire off and attach the bear wires, will it work the same as the old Panasonic speaker does or am I dangerously misguiding in thinking I can do that?

Thank you all for any advice you can offer.