Entire House Wiring

Dec 8, 2018
I have 3 surround sound receivers. A Denon 4400H, a Sony STRDN1050 and a Yamaha HTR 3066. A total of 21 channels. I want to run a total of with a total of 20-25 speakers and 4 subwoofers.i also have 8 televisions. I want all of these 2 mirror each other with the ability to run my main listening room independentently.

Lots iof equipment and much of it expensive. Money is not , within reason an object.

My problem is I can’t figure out how to wire all of this. I don’t expect anyone here to do that for me nit could some point me in the right direction?



Sounds like you're going to have to find a local installer who is known for good quality work.

There are way too many questions that can only be asked and answered by someone with eyes on the scene.
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