External graphics card setup for a laptop not working

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Jan 17, 2018
I have HP pavillion G6-2008 tx with an amdHD-7670m graphics card soldered to the motherboard. I have purchased an external graphics card kit (RX560, external graphics card dock and psu).
Connected the dock via mini pcie slot(originally wifi adapter slot) in laptop and when i power on my laptop, the external setup does not work ( fans on gpu and psu dont spin).
The components are new, also the led in the card dock does not light up.
I also searched for different setting to be done in bios, but those options are not present when i boot my laptop.
Jan 17, 2018
@ffg thanks the kit started working (first plugged dock to psu, then dock data input and at last the graphics card)
But after starting the laptop, my boot options did not show any option to disable the HD7670.
But anyway i installed AMD drivers and RX 560 was visible in device manager, but with a yellow warning sign on it.
The graphics card is still not working.
I have an extra monitor screenwith freesync(should i connect my graphics card to the screen or should i leave it as it is, with no output cable from graphics card?)
Jan 17, 2018
@ffg as i have an amd HD7670m on my motherboard, i disabled the pci connection for that graphics card from device manager.
And then installed the drivers while RX560 was showing in the device manager. But at about 75% my both screens go blank( laptop screen connected to motherboard and external monitor to hdmi from RX560).
Then i switched off the power to card dock from psu, which resulted in reboot of system. After the windows loading page(which is visible only on laptop screen), the windows desktop wont show untill i power off the supply to RX560. The driver software is installed but it still says 'please install the amd driver appropriate for your amd hardware'.
Amd driver foris RX560 is upto date from the manufaturer's site.
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