Solved! External Monitor Keeps Turning Off

Sep 13, 2020
I'm a teacher that has just started to use an Asus external monitor with my Dell Inspiron laptop. I use a HDMI cable to connect the two. I can extend the monitor using the normal settings without a problem. I noticed my external monitor started to turn off even though it was being actively used. I updated the video driver on the Dell, and I set the battery performance to HIGH, and changed all the Power and Sleep settings to Never. Still the external monitor turned off, but at irregular intervals. When I used my old HP laptop with the same settings I did not have this problem. Only with my Dell laptop. Any ideas of how this can be fixed would be appreciated. Teaching remotely with all my students and presentation on a tiny laptop screen is difficult at best.
Try a different HDMI cable

eventually update the BIOS of the laptop

Which Dell Inspiron laptop model is it?
Which ASUS monitor model is it?