Factory Reset Stuck at 48%

May 29, 2018
Alright so I was doing a factory reset to clean up my PC and also to make install to a new larger drive, by the reset get stuck at 48% for an hour and a half. After reading up I read turning it off and back on again to run a trouble shooting diagnostics or unplugging from the internet if the reset was stuck trying to install a non existent older windows version, I was going to do the troubleshoot but when I turned it on it went straight to installing windows. So did it clean everything out of the other two drives? Is there a way for me to see if the computer was cleaned out where I can only see the windows files that were installed and the f anything else extra is there then I could assume it wasn’t cleaned out? Any help or tips or criticism would be greatly appreciated I just want to make sure everything is okay since it started installing after resetting my pc cause the system factory reset was stuck at 48%...

I chose laptop support but I’m using a cyber power PC with windows 10 home 64bit.

Thank you!!!


Not very clear what is happening, did it finish the factory reset after you restarted? What other two drives? Need some details about the setup. You had the original drive in there, you added some more? Is it in Windows now and working? A factory reset would not touch any additional drives, it would just format the original drive that came with the system.
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