Files Comparison - No Missing Files


Apr 25, 2013
I would like to get some opinions on how to clean up my PC's files. I have a bad habit of creating multiple backups. I am looking for the best way to clean things up so I can delete the extra backups.

I have a current folder with about 10 subfolders, let's call it the 'Main' folder. I have about four other folders, with 10 subfolders, which contain previous backups of the 'Main' folder. They contain almost all same files. I want to make sure the nothing is missing from 'Main' that was not copied over from the other folders at some point. Then I could delete the other folders safely. I had some PC problems and had to do a reinstall.

What's the best way to handle this? I have tried duplicate finders, compare programs, and file sync programs, but the results seem inconsistent to me. How should I handle this? Could someone recommend the best type of software for this?

This is no way to do a backup, backing things up on the same hard drive, and especially in the same folder as the original is like keeping a spare set of keys inside your car in-case you get locked out instead of in the house.

Once you sort out the files, get rid of everything except the original. Get a second hard drive, copy the folder to that drive. I've used Syncback to run backups as well as a free MS tool called SyncToy