Question Firefox and Google Chrome not working properly but Edge is fine

Apr 24, 2019
Hello . I've been experiencing this problem since yesterday. I can load it but it is very slow and once its loaded it does not show properly . some image are not shown and etc and surprisingly I can google things but just cant load the websites properly/not loading at all but using Microsoft edge , everything is fine . I can load any website with fast speed and I've google every possible answer and tried and none working
I've tried fresh install firefox/chrome too . deleting their user data and still to no avail.
no windows update too , re-installing java.

ive checked proxy . scan for malware .nothing .
though right now im still on scanning for rootkits .

also note that I tried using different connection/isp . chrome and firefox is working . its just that when I use my own connection I cant access firefox and chrome
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