Solved! Firestick effecting Computers performance?

Aug 22, 2020
I have a Friend and I am asking this Question for him.....He has a Firestick that he would LOVE to use but his Daughter will not let him use it.....because she says it effects her Computer Performance..... He said she read somewhere that the Firestick Streams thru the Computer and by Streaming thru the Computer it effects her Computers performance..... I told him it Streams thru the Device itself..... So in order to give him an Answer so he can start Streaming and tell his Daughter IF it actually does or does not effect her Computer by Streaming on the Stick itself and not effecting her Computer at all? And it does not Stream thru the Computer at all??? He does not get good TV Antenna reception...... Dish and Directv is High ( Monthly Bills ) and he wants to use like Peacock from NBC and Pluto or Airy etc. ( and other Apps can be added to Stream programs ) and I told him he can Stream on the Firestick and Save Tons of Money but told me that he cannot use the Firestick at all because she believes that it effects her Computers performance.....


Jan 15, 2020
The FireStick does not go thru the computer. BUT if your friend Has a slow internet connection, it could affect the daughter’s use of the internet on her computer. The computer is as fast as it is, but a small ‘pipe’ will always be a small pipe. Your friend needs internet service of 30mbps or better, if his daughter is using applications that are very internet dependent.
Aug 22, 2020
I think he can get 100mbps....I did a search for him for Spectrum and told him that they offer 100/400 and 1 Gig in his area.....and told him Windstream offers 100 Mbps and I said it looks like your Speed thru Windstream should be 100 mbps.....I said IF you have 1 Computer and 1 firestick you should be OK.....But when I had Windstream I could get 50 or 100mbps....I had the 100mbps and only averaged 60to70mbps and With my Computer and my Nephews Gaming Systems and his Computer etc. it buffered alot. with the Firestick ( and you never got a lot of Speed thru it )I now have Spectrum 400 mbps. and decided to go with Nvidia Shields and I get almost full speed with those upper 300 to 400 mbps with the analiti speedcheck
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