First Time 2.1/5.1 Sound system Buyer!


Nov 10, 2013
Hi Guys!

just posting this in the hope that someone can help me :)

i recently got some Amazon vouchers, and I thought I would use them to get a better system for my small bedroom. I'm currently using a Gear4 houseparty 4 (30W) as a bass speaker and two small Dell A215 stereo speakers (2x 1.5W I think). I'm looking for either a new 2.1 or (maybe) 5.1 system for a budget of maximum of £60, so don't go on about nothing being decent in that price range, cause anything will be better than what I have, and £60 is all I have.

If it helps I listen to a lot of electronic music, so i'd prefer to have a decent bass, and i play a lot of games :)

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