Forget Sonos, this low-cost streaming amp turned my 'dumb' speakers into a music powerhouse

Mar 10, 2024
After 20 years in the upper echelon, at least for where I live, in Home Theater, I left "the biz" in 2009.
I prefer some older gear, like the heart of my Theater Room is a circa December 2004 Sony STR-DA 9000ES receiver, and a 1998 Sony TA-N9000ES 5 channel amp run in BridgedTransformerLess (BTL) 2 channel mode, for the L,R front speakers. Anyway, I had bought a Chromecast Audio device and I enjoyed it for a couple of weeks, and I still use it, but the WiiM Pro streamer came out and it has been amazing! I have been able to set the output resolution to the max that will still allow the receiver to play back in 2.1 channel "AFD" mode, WiiM is very considerate of the customers requests for additional capabilities and they update often with any abilities that can be achieved. I'm glad to see their product line expand and as long as they continue to treat the end user well, I think their success will continue.