Solved! Formatting my hard drive

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Nov 13, 2021
I'm currently formatting (full format) a hard drive that is 14902.96 GB in size off 4 drives in a RAID 1+0 on the BIOS so Win 10 just sees 1 drive. When I started the format it was proceeding at a sustained (over a 30 sec period) ~150MB/s but 26 hours later it has completed 55% and now has a sustained speed of ~30MB/s.

So my question is will this actually complete or will it die? Also could someone explain why it is slowing down?

Thanks in advance
currently at 63% complete
media storage
RAID 1 to safe guard from a hardware failure and RAID 0 to improve data access speeds for the file sizes
'media storage' really does not need the RAID 0 thing.
Just my personal opinion, based on a reasonably large media collection on my NAS.
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