Solved! FPS drop for the whole laptop. freezing every 20 seconds


Apr 11, 2018
so basically i got a new laptop in december. hp 250 g6 notebook.

specs are:

Intel i7-7500 CPU @ 2.70 GHz

256 GB SSD memory
Intel HD Graphics 620 (4182 MB total memory)

my issue is, before Christmas, my laptop starting getting very big and longish FPS drops. especially during gaming.

So when i play League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
my FPS is usually stable around 40-60 FPS for both games. and it runs smoothly.

but since last week, it keeps dropping FPS to about 5-10 every 1-2 minutes, and its really frustating. because the laptop is brand new, and it started happening for no reason.
I checked the processes when this FPS drop happens, there is nothing out of the place, or big spikes in anything.

i searched online, and people said it could be a defective video card. and solutions were to get a can of air and clean the dust from inside the laptop. I have done that, yet it didnt help at all. the problem still persists.

other solutions were a hard reset, i tried this as well. nothing helped, i just lost all my files and had to reinstall.

Another problem happened yesterday, which basically out of nowhere, my caps lock button, the LED started blinking constantly, and the FPS drops increased to every 2-3 seconds intervals, and this time it was for my whole laptop, no matter if i was gaming or browsing the web, the FPS kept dropping and my whole laptop was stuttering.

it keeps happening, and now its happening to my sound as well. when i play music, and the FPS drop hits, even the music becomes distorted and doesnt play right. even if im not playing a game, the FPS drop still persists.

i play a very old game as well, which doesnt require ANY sort of memory to play it on decent FPS. i can play the game perfectly on a 15 year old laptop.
but on this laptop, it still freezes for 10-20 seconds.
its random intervals.

the laptop was perfectly fine for the first month, but then it started happening, but only like once every 1 hour, but now its constant. and i dont know what i can do about it.
and its HP laptop, and HP doesnt recognise my laptop, so they cant give me any support apart from forums, which i already asked, no one responded for over 2 months.


Apr 11, 2018
no updates on drivers were installed when it started happening, but i did update drivers, and refresh them to see if it helped.

it didnt.

yeah i think i might just return it
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