Free simple folder lock needed


May 11, 2008
Can you please recommend a free basic folder locking tool that complies with these requirements? I'm using Windows 7U x64.

1. High level of security not needed. I don't care if the protected files/folders can be accessed from DOS, Linux, etc., or if the HDD is moved to another Windows machine. I just need protection from casual prying while in its own Windows environment. Encryption is definitely not wanted.

2. Uninstalling the software should unlock all previously locked folders. There shouldn't be any known bugs in this regard.

3. I don't want to use Win7's built-in system because I need to keep my computer single-user without a login password and have everything else easily accessible to anyone who sits down at my table, even in my absence.

4. A feature that's desirable but not essential would be a provision to lock and unlock folders in situ with a password via a right-click context menu. This is preferable to creating a special folder where all protected folders have to be kept.


May 11, 2008

I'm sure there are many others who need only the kind of light protection I outlined. I haven't researched the subject extensively but I sometimes come across comments by people seeking help after they reinstalled the OS, forgot their password or in some other way unintentionally locked their data away.

When I tried out some programs several years ago, some of them almost met my specs. Almost - some didn't work with context menus, some were trial versions, some could protect only a single folder and required all protected data to be in one folder. I'm sure there were some that relinquished protection when they're uninstalled. Some didn't hide protected folders but simply deny access without a password, which is fine with me.

By the way, I meant to post the thread in the Antivirus/ Security/ Privacy section. I don't know how it ended up here. I guess I must have clicked the wrong section.


Apr 20, 2016
most folder lockers have a master most cases when u reinstall the program after reinstalling the OS, the master password shd be working fine...if that is not the case, then it shd have had already unlocked the content...
for forgetting password and/or unintentionally locking data, there is always a safety feature to recover password...
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