Freezes when playing games

Miguel Angelo

Oct 24, 2016
I bought a new laptop 2 months ago, its ASUS F55L series. My OS is windows 10. It worked perfect fine until now. While I was playing League of Legends, on the start of the game the screen freezes and sound like robot. I tried ctrl alt del but nothing happened. So I waited for about 5 minutes but it didn’t go back to normal. Then I tried to press the power button and turned it on again. It worked fine until I open League of Legends again, it repeatedly freezes and sound like robot every start of the game. I tried to change (lower) my laptop Intel HD Graphics resolution and update device manager apps but nothing changes. Could anyone please help me? I don’t know what to do. I hope it’s not the hardware on my laptop that is broken.
Well even if it is the hardware, your laptop should still be covered by a warranty. You should contact the manufacturer about a repair or replacement. Something that new should not be giving you problems.