Solved! Friend needs a college laptop, architecture work


Feb 16, 2010
OK so a friend of mine is in need of a laptop for college. He is going to be an architect and says he needs something with a powerful video card and lots of storage space. I told him to look for gaming laptops since they normally have the more powerful internals but i dont know what brands or models to look at in higher end laptops. His budget is around $2000. It needs to be moderately portable so he can carry it around to classes and stuff. Im thinking something with and i7, HD 5770/5870, 1Tb hard drive, and i have no idea how much ram maybe 6-8gb? I think the programs they use in that line of work use alot of ram space correct me if im wrong.. Those specs are just my guesses though, i have no idea what programs he will be running in an architect class. Thanks in advance for the help