FS: Amek Mixer, Fairlight MFX, Mics, Synths, More....



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I have the following studio gear for sale or trade. I am
open to any serious offers. Trades will be considered for
analog synthesizers, Fairlight CMI Series III samplers or
CMI Rev 9 hardware, a Wersi Abacus, Yamaha 9000 Pro, Tyros,
Motif 8ES, Voyetra 8, Technics KN7000, AKAI MPC3000. I'll also consider a
Plasma or LCD TV and high end homea/v equipment.

Custom modified Amek/TAC Matchless 26/24/24 analog mixing console in excellent
condition with stand. This console has been completely updated with high end
Burr Brown and Analog Devices IC's, improved polypropylene capacitors, and
sounds awesome. Has incredible bandwith with stunning low end reproduction. It
has custom black laquered side panels, custom monitor stands that match the
console finish, a producers desk, and multi point patchbay. The console is
located about and hour east from the San Francisco bay area. Pickup is
preferred but shipping can be done at the buyers expense. I'm open to any
reasonable offer or trade on this console.

Audio Technica AT4060 cardioid condenser tube microphone
new in box. $899

Audio Technica AT4047SV microphone that's as new in box. $449

AKAI S1000KB stereo sampling keyboard in excellent condition
with 32MB RAM, SCSI, internal hard drive, sound library.

AKAI DD1000 Magneto Optical Digital Mastering Recorder in
excellent condition. $499

Fairlight MFX3+ 24 track 24 Bit Digital Audio workstation.
Complete with MFX mainframe, MFX control panel,
MFX control cable, and manuals. Features extensive recording and editing
capabilities, is easy to use, and has incredible sound quality. Best Offer.

Fairlight MFX-2/CMI Seires III Sampler and Digital Audio workstation.
Complete with MFX/CMI mainframe, MFX control panel,
MFX control cable, and manuals. Features include all functions of the CMI
Series III sampler plus 24 tracks of digital audio recording and extensive
editing capabilities. This unit is easy to use and has incredible sound
quality. Best Offer.

Sequential Prophet VS rack in excellent condition with
manual and extra sound cartridge. $1995

Roland Jupiter 6 analog synthesizer in excellent condition. Comes with custom
flight crate. $999

PPG Wave 2.2 synthesizer with Waveterm A. $2200

Moog Memorymoog Plus synthesizer in excellent condition with manual. This is
like having six Minimoogs on one box. Incredible fat sound with an easy to use
interface. The Plus version features MIDI and a built in sequencer. $2995

Kawai MX8BR 8 channel rackmount mixer in like new condition. $65

Symetrix 420 1U rack mount stereo power amplifier in excellent condition.
Great for near field monitoring or as a headphone amp. $85

Fostex D-10 Timecode DAT player in excellent condition with SMPTE card. $399


Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?)

hello there.
Im interested in some of the synths.
please email me ill give u my #