Fujitsu Amilo M7400 Hadware/Driver issue


Jan 25, 2016
Hi there.

I dont think anyone will do better than " buy a new laptop bro " but Ive been struggling with this for a week now.

So recently we moved to London with my gf and brought along my really old fujitsu amilo m 7400 for writing cv s and some gaming, it was pretty beat up from the get-go but I installed a heavily modded 300 mb xp sp3 for OS and upped the RAM to 1.2 gb to make it snappier.

It was all well and good, until a few days ago my girlfriend plugged her phone into one of the usb ports , and it instantly froze ( laptop 's battery was at 1%) so I pushed the power button to shut it off and then plugged it to the wall to charge. I turned it back on and all the usb ports along with the sound are dead ever since.
Tried re-installing drivers for both the sound and the usb ports, the process goes fine but still no sound devices listed and the usb ports are listed as if they were working fine. The hardware for the sound seems dead, as after running driverpack solutions and updating every driver there are no more unknown devices in device manager, and it does not list any more drivers that need to be installed.

Please note that the dvd drive has been removed as it died a long time ago, and now usb ports are dead as well, so my only choice was installing win 7 via download. Went great, but the ports and the sound are still dead. Also did a factory reset in the bios multiple times.
Now, at this point one would think that the hardware for the usb ports and sound are dead right? But every time I plug in a usb mouse the mouse is lit up, as if only the PC chose to ignore the heck out of it, so there is power running through the ports, still it wont recognize or even react to flash drives or phones, or mice.
I disabled the powersaving feature on usb ports on both os s, did a factory reset in the bios, and re-installed windows. Other drivers such as wifi and the vga driver are functioning fine.

Any advice on what else I could do to fix it?

>inb4 leave it unplugged,remove battery
Done that, no solution
>inb4 buy a new one
Im officially broke, id be happy to pay rent first

If you happen to know anything that might be useful please do not hesitate to share, its driving me nuts.


Apr 20, 2012
I would attach a usb thumb drive to the system while it's powered down.
Boot up and hit F2 to boot into the BIOS setup.
Reset the bios to factory default then reboot, hit F2 again and edit the BIOS to permit booting over usb.
Set USB Legacy Support enabled and if you can, make the usb port the primary boot device.
Boot up and keep hitting F12 to bring up the boot menu.
If you don't see the boot menu let it try to default boot over usb. If USB is the default and it boots off the hard drive or if the USB thumb drive isn't listed as an option then it's more than likely usb controller chip isn't seeing the USB drive at the hardware level and the USB controller chip is bad.
This could happen if a bad usb device shorted out and put 5volts over the data channel. I'd also check to see if she tried to physically install her USB drive upside down and broke the contact tab inside the USB port. If the tab is broken or bent it may be shorting out the usb controller.


Sep 8, 2015
well looks like the data connection is dead but you still have power so charging the phone will work.
does the laptop have a PCMCIA slot, (could only find a pic of motherboard looks like it does) if so there is still a little hope, not for the usb, I believe the ports or the controller is gone. you can get a pcmcia to usb adaptor. it will have an onboard controller and you can then use a hub, to restore usb to the unit.
will cost less then a new unit, but yeah a new unit would be the next step. this way you can still use the unit while you save up/find a deal.
sorry i couldn't help more a link to a proper adapter is here. just a visual-not an endorsement
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