Info Galaxy 8 active

Sep 28, 2021
I just wanted to say about the waterproof phones, I've had a Galaxy 8 active for 2 yrs I have had it in the Ocean underwater yes salt water, I have had it canoeing & kayaking where it spent the entire paddle time in my swim suit between my breast with a can of beer, this phone has been dropped I'm the river might as well sat in a glass of beer for 8 hrs going down the river and never once has it failed me. You can run all the test you want on these new phones but until it has actually had a life text from a real human with extreme activities like jumping off the high dive while taking pics & splashing into 20 ft of water for over 2 yrs and still works like new my Galaxy 8 Active should be still on the list as best waterproof phones. Put your phones through the test and get back to me I'll let ya know how my old girl is doing in another 2 yrs 😁