Solved! galaxy note 5 wont power up after changing out the power button

Dec 3, 2018
I have a galaxy note 5 that has been having issues due to a power button malfunction. Anytime i used it for anything, it was a chore to get the screen to turn off. It did'nt have that "click" that you can feel when depressing it anymore. When it got to the point where i couldnt even turn it on after the battery died, i decided to take action. i purchaced a new switch, button, and back glass, but prior to taking it apart i wanted to make sure that it was just a button problem, and i pressed and held the power button until it eventually did come on. armed with the sure knowledge that it was no big deal to change out the button and switch, i got the back off, took out the 20+ micro screws separated the frame from the phones inner components, changed out the button and switch and started the process of putting all the screws back in. part way through i noticed that the blue LED on the front was lit and pulsing. when i finished i discovered that it was not turned on, and that it wouldnt power up. if i leave it on the charger eventually the blue turns to red, and then later on to green, but still wont power up.(and i have tried the multiple button method, as well as holding buttons down while plugging it into a working computer to see if it would recognize it.) The computer sees it as a usb device and will try to install drivers for it but always fails, if i fiddle with button combinations the blue light will go out but comes back on after trying to do a reboot. HHHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!


Question from andybaltic : "galaxy note 5 wont power up and has pulsing blue LED after changing power button and switch"

Sounds to me like either...

1. The parts you got were not good or not the correct ones for that device (it happens, they can send incorrect ones).
2. The button wasn't the actual problem, or not the only problem at the time.
3. Something else got damaged, dislodged or just went bad when you were working on it.

Could be any one of these.
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