galaxy note pro 10.1 or

Bri d

Nov 12, 2014
Hello im trying to find out some info but cant seem to get any answers. selling my iPad air because its not very helpful for my college courses. i have a macbook pro but its too heavy. i need something light to carry back and forth and that i can do my school work on, i have narrowed it down to the samsung galaxy pro 10.1 and the Microsoft surface pro 2. (not the 3 b/c of price)

My issue is, my assignments must be submitted using ms word/excel, i see the galaxy has hanson office, how would this work? would i be able to open and convert,or sync my assignments? Say i start on msword can i open the same in class through the hanson on the galaxy and it will update and transfer back to msword for submitting, like a cloud or dropbox thing? Since im not tech savy should i just buy the cheapest surface pro 2 with the office suite for my mobility in college?
There is a Microsoft Office app for Android, and while it does not quite include the full features of the desktop version that the Surface would provide, it is still adequate.