Solved! Galaxy S4 wifi issues

Jan 30, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps dropping wifi connection to qualcomm atheros ar956x router. My laptop torrent download speed is usually around 3000kb/sec not very fast I know but compared to the 54kb/sec it changed to when we were given this new router it was a noticeable difference for sure. After investigating my options I downloaded and installed a driver on my laptop and it worked amazingly. So I am wondering what options there are for my phone, or if there even are any... usually I would go to the routers default gateway and tweak things from there but there doesn't seem to be one that I can find anywhere online. There is a qr code on the back with the default login info etcetera but each scan of it returned nothing but errors.
The qualcomm atheros ar956x isn't a router it is a wireless network adapter. So your modem/router would have to be something else.

However, that said, the problem you are having still can be related to your modem/router or the service. First try rebooting (just turn it off and back on) the modem/router. Then once is on and fully operational again (it can take a few minutes), try connecting to it from the phone.

Should you still get the signal dropping, then I would monitor the connection. Some devices will drop connection on even a slight fluctuation in signal/speed where as others will take a while to be affected. If there is a lot of fluctuation, then you may want to check with your ISP about the issue.

Should none of this resolve it, then try using your phone on another WiFi (or a few others) to see if it works fine on those. If it does, then it is definitely the modem/router or the ISP. If, however, the phone has problems even with other WiFi networks, then you may need to have the phone looked at.
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