WIFI dropping android 8

Sep 5, 2018
Since upgrading from android 7 to android 8 via my phone's official update, I'm now experiencing dreadful problems with wifi dropping signal all the time. :(

I never had this problem before. The wifi is fine for my laptop, it is not the router.

I have even done a factory reset today but the problem is still there!

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017).

Software information is:

Android version 8.0.0.
Samsung Experience version: 9.0

From what I can see there doesn't seem to be a straightforward way of rolling back to android 7 but the phone is extremely difficult to use in its current state. Is there a fix for this?
Are you certain it isn't actually the WiFi you are connecting to? That can often be a problem with dropped and lacking connections. Which can be caused either by intermittent service loss (which the ISP has to fix) or a modem/router that either needs to be reset (restarted) or is in need of replacing.
When you did the reset, if you chose to keep what is on your device (files, apps, etc.) that would be the reason you didn't get the fix you wanted. The only true way to get it to go back to its original state is a full on "Hard Reset", which wipes everything on the device and starts fresh. You would need to back up your personal files, contacts, etc. (you can't back up apps) before doing this, but it would restore the phone fully. Now, should that not fix the problem, then you are talking hardware, not software.

NOTE: Doing this will clear 'all' the data on your phone, so it is suggested you not choose this option unless you have to, or aren't worried about losing anything on the phone.

Be sure you back up any data you want to keep, to a computer or cloud account, before doing the reset.

To "Hard Reset" the phone...

1. Make sure that the phone is actually powered off.

2. Remove your SD card, if there is one in the device.

3. Press the "Power" and the "Volume Up" buttons, together, until you see the start-up logo on the screen.

4. Once you can see the logo, release the buttons and allow the device to enter the "System Recovery Mode".

5. Next use "Volume Down" button to get to the "wipe data/factory reset" option When in recovery mode the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons are how to can navigate and highlight what option you need.

6. Once you have selected the "wipe data/factory reset", press the "Power" button to select that option.

7. On the following screen, repeatedly press the "Volume Down" button until the "Yes - delete all user data" option is what is selected.

8. Then press the "Power" button to hard reset the phone.

9. If you took your SD card out in step 2, when the device is up and running again, reinsert the SD card.
Sep 5, 2018
Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

Yes, I did the wipe data/factory reset. I seem to remember it warning me that all data would be lost. I had backed up anything I wanted to keep by copying it across to my laptop first. (Mainly photos and a few files).

I was hoping the 'factory reset ' would literally put the phone back to Android 7.0, which was what was on there originally.

I am wondering if my phone would support an Ethernet connection as a temporary fix. I know you can buy phone to Ethernet adapters for that.

Maybe then the wireless problem will be fixed in a future Samsung update?
It is possible it isn't the update either, but the timing and is either the phone's WiFi just isn't working (hardware) or the WiFi you are trying to connect to is an issue.

While I know you said it isn't the modem/router, it couldn't hurt to reset (restart) the modem/router to see if that helps resolve the problem. Stranger things have happened.

In regard to the Ethernet option, I have not used them for a phone, so I can't say.
Sep 5, 2018
Inexplicably, the connection was absolutely fine all day yesterday but it is playing up again today! I think it's just going to be one of those annoying problems without an obvious answer. I still think it is related to the update as I didn't have this problem at all on android 7. The phone is fairly new so hopefully it isn't a hardware problem. I'll probably try the Ethernet adaptor anyway as they are quite cheap to buy. :)

Are you certain it isn't actually the WiFi you are connecting to? That can often be a problem with dropped and lacking connections. Which can be caused either by intermittent service loss (which the ISP has to fix) or a modem/router that either needs to be reset (restarted) or is in need of replacing.
Sep 26, 2018
I have the same trouble. If your mobile has option to connect through WPS push button, try that. It actually helped me

When I connect via regular wifi user name and password, it keeps dropping the connection.

WPS push button option keeps it stable
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