Galaxy S6 Active Water Damage


Sep 14, 2017
Took the Galaxy S6 Active to the pool with my family. I wanted to take a few underwater photos, but when dunking the phone just to test it to see if it would take damage I noticed right away that the phone was not water resistant. The Display started blinking white, and I took the phone out immediately. Before I even entered the water I triple checked the phone to see if everything was sealed properly.

After I took the phone out and turned it off, I put it out on the sun to dry up the water that was inside the phone which was foggy up the camera lense.

Once I got home I opened the phone up and cleaned the phone thoroughly. Resembled it, and the phone was back to normal except the Recent Tabs button was not functioning, so I used it for a few hours, running benchmarks and keeping all features turned on to heat the phone up a bit and then dissembled the phone once again, cleaning it and heating it up a bit to make sure nothing was causing any problems. After resembling it once more, the Gyroscope feature on the phone stopped operating. Can't turn the phone, or use the smart features, or the sensors on the back of the phone like heart rate, or the motion tracking for running etc.
The Recent Tab button started working but the Back button stopped.

Anything else I could possibly do before I order a new motherboard and port. As they aren't too expensive but the delivery to my location can take up to a month.