Question Galaxy Tab S5E Rooting Questions

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Jan 18, 2017
I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E. and as the former owner of two other Android devices from Samsung, I was prepared for some measure of bloat, but the amount of bloat on the tablet vastly exceeded my expectations. Particularly loathsome is the version of Google Messages, which has been modified by Samsung so that my Google Fi texts go through a Samsung account, which I don't entirely detest, except that my pre-existing texts do not appear. The Play Store informs me that I cannot install the standard version of Google Messages, and to the best of my knowledge, I will have no other options for texting once Hangouts gets shut down.

Hence, I might root the damn thing, and even though I rooted an Android phone once many years ago, I don't remember the details, so any answers to the following questions would be very helpful.
  • I've seen several different rooting methods for this device; which is the easiest, or most likely to be error-free, for a novice like me?
  • After rooting, will the Samsung apps no longer present, or will I be able to uninstall or disable them?
  • My recollection is that rooting will leave me with stock Android. Do I have to install a custom ROM, or will the stock version be all I need? If I need a ROM, is there one that is more likely to be low maintenance and hassle-free?
  • Will I be able to install the standard version of Google Messages?
  • What hoops must I jump through to get updates to Android? I don't feel any urge to install a newer version of Android, but I would like to stay current on bug fixes and security patches.
All assistance will be greatly appreciated.
I've never failed a rooting by using KingoRoot. That said, my two current Androids are five years old but I doubt things have changed that Kingo didn't keep up with.

I also recommend downloading BusyBox or at least, a Terminal Emulator so you can go into the black and white stuff. Check in the folder where all the files are listed so you can just how many .apk folders you have and delete if necessary.
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