GalaxySI9000 doesn't open


Jan 6, 2013
hi guys ,
i was flashing my samsung galaxy s to android 2.3 and my computer suddenly restarted and my mobile phone turned of
now the problem is that when i try to open my mobile it doesn't respond
it gives my a little vibrate but the screen gives me nothing
and when i try to open the download mode or the recovery mode it do the same . it just give me a little vibrate
i tried to connect it to my PC but nothing happened and when i charge it it gives me nothing
i exchanged the battery it do the same
what should i do ??!! please help me guys
and one more thing .... so sorry for my bad english . it is not my main language :D


If you lost power(computer crashed) while flashing, Your phone may not even know how to boot any more(bad flash).

Chances are your carrier could get you back, but if you want to try your self, you will need to look at some other users posts from around the web.

See if any of the above posts help you get into recovery mode. Then you can at least restore the phone and have it work again.

I do not have one of those phones to play with, so I can only suggest what others have done.