Games Low FPS

Oct 8, 2018
Hello everybody. I have a little bit of a confusion here . To speak forward , when I play Dota 1 on my
laptop , I get low fps , the game is running like with small freezes . This thing stops when I open a browser tab , any tab , or just the home tab of Chrome. My computer is an Asus K72Jr , it has
a 1GB video card ATI RADEON HD5470 , 6GB ram and Intel Dual Core P6100 processor of 2.0 GHz. I installed fresh Windows 7 64bit , and just the necessary programs. I don`t have an Antivirus
, just Malwarebites and CCcleaner. So , I ask you guys , please , tell me why when I play dota
the game moves with small freezes and when I open a browser tab , it moves just fine. Thanks in advance everybody .
Is it in windowed mode and not full screen?

All updates done? All drivers installed from ASUS support homepage? Especially graphics drivers?

The game is up to date?
Oct 8, 2018
Hi . Yes helpstar . Computer has fresh fresh 64 bit Windows 7, drivers are installed from ASUS support homepage and the game is up to date because the
platform where I play dota makes regular updates and yes i play in full screen , high resolution . The thing happens , and that`s why it is confusing to me so
much , if i play the game with a browser page open , it works just fine . If i close the page , the game slows. Normally it should be the other way. Please ,
tell me what can i do . Thanks in advance.
uninstall ccleaner completely

Any other utilities installed?

Have a look with msi afterburner, how high is the frequency of the CPU and GPU while gaming with and without the browser

Is the Power Management on balanced or is it on another mode?
Oct 8, 2018
The Power Management is on High Performance. So , i am gonna try the game having Ccleaner uninstalled and have a look on frequency with msi. I will come back with feedback.
Oct 8, 2018
I`ve just uninstalled Ccleaner and Malwarebytes and instaled msi afterburner. About frequency , what should i see to know that things are alright ?
the HD5470 should be like :
Core Speed 750 MHz
Memory Speed 1800 MHz
This can vary bit, but if one frequency is like 300MHz or lower, there is something wrong

CPU should be @2GHz the whole time while the game is on

Could be that the game is using the HD graphics of the CPU. Chose high performance graphics accelerator (ATI) like:

I don´t know if this is similar to the ATI card you use.
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