Question Laptop suddenly stuttering causing low 5 FPS on 75% of games out of nowhere?

Jul 4, 2021
Asus TUF A15 Laptop
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 2.90 GHz
Ram: 8.00 GB (7.65 GB usable)
Windows version: 21H1
OS Build: 19043.1052

It was working fine until about 4 hours ago, I was playing Valheim normally now almost all my games are stuttering and unplayable at 5 FPS and I don't know why.

My firefox browser tabs started crashing and I got completely frozen white screens for a few seconds then i restarted my PC and the problems started.

Things ive tried:
Changing game settings
Uninstalling latest windows update as people have had similar problems with it (unsure if i actually got rid of them or not tho).
Tried uninstalling drivers but either did it incorrectly or didn't completely remove them as they were back on restart

Any ideas this is getting me frustrated as I have no idea what the problem is or how to even solve it.